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Illinois Education Visiting Scholar Program (IEVS)

Illinois Education Visiting Scholar Program (IEVS) has the online or in person options. Apply to be our Virtual Illinois Education Visiting Scholar

IEVS provides scholars from academic institutions, colleges, and universities all over the world: 

  • Opportunity to conduct research at the world-class University of Illinois
  • Flexibility for half-year or full-year residency
  • Workspace and full access to university facilities
  • Support for visa processing and arrival
  • Orientation
  • On-site coordinator to assist with academic and daily needs
  • Optional monthly seminars and workshops


The IEVS program is open to any self-funded scholar from other countries. We welcome scholars from the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the Fine Arts and Professions with disciplinary interests in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Teachers' Education, Education Leadership, Education Policy, Global Studies, Human Resource Development, Higher Education, Education Psychology, Education Statistics, and Special Education. Please check our program finder for more information about each academic department.

At this time, IEVS applicants must be faculty at an institution of higher education and hold a terminal degree in their field.

All the applicants should apply 6 months before your proposal arrival date. Please understand that your proposal arrival date is not guaranteed in any ways. Please give us up to 2 weeks to review your application or any other request.  

Program Costs

All living expenses incurred are the responsibility of the Visiting Scholar. However, the program coordinator will be on hand to help you with visa processing, to find suitable housing, transportation, etc.

Program Fee

There is a non-refundable program fee for all Visiting Scholars that must be paid in full through the application website upon official invitation and prior to visa processing. The fee covers University academic and personnel resources needed to operate the program, as well as orientation fees, pre-arranged cultural excursions, weekly workshops, other activities. 

Half-Year stay (up to 6 months):   $4,000
Full-Year stay (up to 12 months):  $5,500

Application Fee

The application fee is $550 which is non-refundable. However, we will not charge you an application fee unless you are admitted. Your application will not be processed until the application fee is paid.

Total Program Cost:
Half-Year stay:   $4,550
Full-Year stay:   $6,050

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