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IGlobal: Virtual Practicum Internship

Are you interested in working with children, learning about other cultures, and building online education curriculum and tools? Participate in a virtual practicum paid internship for credit (EDUC 199 or EDUC 499) teaching middle school students from all over the world, online in English.

Undergraduates from the College of Education have the opportunity to co-lead the virtual IGlobal club sessions hosted in countries around the world to teach middle school students about the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Gain experience in intercultural engagement, online teaching, and global citizenship education. Training is provided as a part of the internship credit. No previous experience is necessary.

Join the IGlobal Virtual Practicum Internship Program

  • You will participate in 6 weeks of training, in person or via Zoom, covering technology and teaching, language education, sustainability, and intercultural cooperation.
  • You will collaborate with preservice teachers from Illinois and other universities worldwide to lead one-hour sessions with middle school students for 8 weeks.
  • If you are a UIUC undergraduate student, you will register for EDUC 199 for course credit. Experienced IGlobal Virtual Practicum participants and graduate students will register for EDUC 499.
  • If you are joining from one of our partner universities, the IGlobal team will visit your campus to conduct an informational session and in-person training.
  •  Once you are an experienced IGlobal Virtual Practicum participant, you will have the opportunity to join the Witt Lab for International Education, where you and your peers will research collaboratively on the cross-cultural context of teaching in this virtual space and work toward publishing in an academic journal. There is a small stipend available to researchers.



How Grace's IGlobal Journey Has Prepared Her for the Classroom

Grace Schlichter has been working with IGlobal since her freshman year. Grace is a Sophomore studying Elementary Education. She got involved with IGlobal as a way of broadening her understanding of her student's culture and backgrounds, and preparing her for a future in the classroom.

Read More About Grace's Experience

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