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Allison Witt, Lu Xu (March 25-29, 2023). The Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting (Jacksonville, FL) "Virtual Global Fieldwork for Post Pandemic Teacher Education"

Allison Witt, Janine Solberg, Aigul Rakisheva (February 24-26, 2023). AACTE 75th Annual Meeting (Indianapolis, IN) “Extending Boundaries Through Virtual Global Fieldwork for Preservice Teachers” 

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Aigul Rakisheva (December 10, 2022) Annual International Conference on Education, Sponsored by the Graduate School of Education, Waseda University, Japan. “The review of initial teacher education programs and analysis of predictors for prospective ICT use.” 

Lu Xu (December 10, 2022) Annual International Conference on Education, Sponsored by the Graduate School of Education, Waseda University, Japan. “Virtual exchange in the future initial teacher education ” 

Lu Xu (November 1, 2022) East China Normal University International Symposium for Emerging Scholars

in Education, Sponsored by East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. "The potential of virtual exchange for teacher education and global education in post-pandemic future"

Alicia Cabrera-Prado & Janine Solberg (November, 2022) NAFSA Regional Conferences. "Intersections of Virtual Study Abroad and International Student Recruitment"