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Undergraduate Student Research Gallery

What challenges arise when online teaching and how can we ensure online teaching is effective/accessible to everyone?

Jari Appling, Dimple Patel, Emily Crosswell, Ava Raval, Anna Valle

What factors seem to influence teacher wait time?

Emily Park, Lilly Stange

The Teacher-Student Relationship in the Online Multicultural Classroom: The Difference Between Monolingual and Multilingual Preservice Teachers 

Anisa Chatman, Jasmine Cai, Stephanie Coleman, Autumn Gouge, Laura Kim, Andrea Sosa-Lopez, Maia Lewis, Yiame Urrieta

How can teaching techniques affect the productivity of online multicultural lessons?

Seoyoun Park, Abby Lynch, Molly Degelmann, Anaya Prasad, Lena Brockway, Angelica Markantonis, Caroline Ahrends, Chase Heyen

Use of hand gestures in online teaching

Travis Huynh, Dhanya Duvvuri, AJ Kuebrich, Emily Correll

How do teachers' perceptions of their own efficacy influence their willingness to engage with culturally responsive practices when teaching online to a diverse group of students?

Keiry Trejo, Nicole Valdez